American Made At Finest

Designed and made in our factory in Los Angeles, KATO’ brand denim is truly one of a kind. Rolls of selvedge denim are shipped to LA from the Kaihara Denim Mill in Japan. After arriving in LA, each roll is inspected by us before hitting the production line. From start to Finish KATO’ has a hands on approach making sure each pair is perfectly shaped, each stitch intentional and that Vintage inspired hardware is durable and set for years to come.


Have you checked the source tag on your clothes lately? Chances are, it ain't made in the US. It has become exceedingly rare to find clothes with the "Made In USA" label. Fortunately, we've got you covered. All of our selvedge denim and chinos are proudly made in the USA with only the finest sourced materials. When you buy KATO', you support American business.

Pattern Make


Our in house Patternmaker, Nikolay works on creating the perfect fit. 
He's worked with respected industry leaders, so you know he's the real deal.



Original & Unique

This item has become one of my most versatile pieces, designed with sleek sophistication and all-day wear in mind. Being made from the finest materials makes my Floral Collection absolutely perfect for any occasion. Designed for comfort, durability, and style, you won’t believe you went so long without my Floral Collection.


Wash & Dryer

Exclusive Availability

The unique color and shape have made it a best seller this season. This piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials and boasts a timeless style. This design comes in a wide selection of colors that fit with a variety of personal styles. All of your friends will be wondering where you got this amazing item, so be sure to purchase yours today.

Coming in a variety of sizes and color styles, this item provides an elegant touch to my latest collection. I was very influenced by modern culture and social attitudes while designing my Black & White Collection, something I hope resonates with the wearer. A must-have for any fashion season, get in touch to order yours today.